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Organization Chart

中国航天空气动力技术研究院 China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics

院办公室  Administration Office

科技部  Department of Science and Technology

计划部  Department of Planning

财务管理部 Department of Financial Administration

人力资源部  Department of Human Resources

质量安全部  Department of Quality and Safety

经营管理部  Department of Civil Engineering

政治工作部  Department of Politics

审计法律部  Department of Audit and Law

科学技术委员会 Scientific Committee

空气动力理论与应用研究所 Institute of Theoretical and Applied Aerodynamics

空气动力试验与工程应用研究所  Institute of Aerodynamic Test Technology and Engineering

风洞工程技术研究所  Institute of Wind Tunnel Technology and Engineering

特种飞行器总体技术设计部  Department of Flight Vehicles Design

航天神舟飞行器有限公司  Aerospace Shenzhou Flight Vehicle Co., LTD

航天环境工程有限公司  Aerospace Environmental Engineering Co., LTD

测控技术事业部  Department of Measurement and Control Technology

北京航天易联科技发展有限公司 Beijing Aerospace Yilian Technology Development Co., LTD

行政保障部  Department of Logistics and Service

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