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General Situation

As early as 1956, Prof. H.S.Tsien established an aerodynamic research institution in China by his foresigh in aerospace science and technology. From the beginning, Prof. Fenggan Zhuang was in charge of the institution for a long time. He made great efforts in aerodynamic force/heating research. Lots of important aerodynamic problems were solved successfully in the aerospace vehicle design. The academy won 300 ministerial prizes, 4 National Invention Prizes, 5 National Science and Technology Progress Prizes. The academy also obtained more than 200 national patents. The academy made great progress in the development of aerospace engineering.

China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics has an excellent research team. There are more than 1400 staffs. Over 60% of the staffs are technicians. There are also 200 senior scientists and 30 national experts.



CAAA mainly engages in general technology for flight vehicle aerodynamics. CAAA develops aerodynamic optimization design, aerodynamic performance prediction and CFD simulation method. The Academy has 25 wind tunnels, including low-speed, tran-sonic, supersonic, hypersonic and arc heater tunnels,  with advanced test technique and measuring system. CAAA also developed  special flight vehicle system such as UAVs and MAVs. A UAV research and manufacture system was established. At the same time the aerospace technology applied engineering developed quickly. CAAA made great progress in environmental protection engineering and measurement system.

A better future is coming in CAAA.

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